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Facebook buys Snaptu

21.03.2011 in Social Media

Many of us may not know of Snaptu & yet all who use Facebook or Linkedin Mobile use their technology. Useful networking enabler on the fly so much that Facebook bought them yesterday upwards of 40-50 Millions http://ping.fm/cXRJ5

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Mobile Nirvana

19.07.2009 in Gagets

Hello Folks, its been a long long time since I wanted to first clean up my Blog, spend some decent time adding a new well overdue articles and finally talk about what I am passionate about … yes Technology! I had a breakthrough and realised…

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iPhone Success

19.07.2009 in Gagets

What makes a Phone Cool? Looking at the iPhone phenomenon with Million of those devices sold, I could not help getting curious about some of the key reasons behind its runaway success. A big fan of gadgets, I have owned Nokia E Series and Blackberries…

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