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Teleportation & Quantum Entanglement

02.05.2011 in Quantum Sciences

What Einstein always eloquently referred to as “spooky action at a distance” .. funny guy. Before we get to teleportation, we need to talk about Quantum Entanglement for a moment. What is it and where did the concept start from. Well I recall reading the…

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Bateria eats CO2

Energy Solutions

19.04.2011 in BioTech, Renewable Energy

Energy from Bacteria whilst reducing CO2 Watching recent documentaries and various shows talking about the environmental crisis and our suicidal dependence on Fossil fuels, I was starting to feel like seriously concerned about how fast the environment, global warming and the reduction of vital resources…

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The Future of Urban Commuting

17.04.2011 in Climate Change

We would all want one … or is it just me? A One wheel a la Segway unicycle that looks like a small wheel that you could easily carry like a small briefcase. It has to burn off a few calories too as there is…

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