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Self Healing Polymers

30.04.2012 in Gagets

What amazes me is how sic-fi we are getting every day. Several patent have been recently bought by Apple. I believe the YouTube video I am about to share with you may soon be the new skin of your shiny iToy: iPhone or iPad or…

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markzuckerberg facetime

Digital Social Networks

09.11.2011 in Social Media

Well this is what’s all over the financial news for over a week now:Goldman Sach proxy valuation of Facebook at USD 50,000,000 … yes 8 Zeros. I also heard that Mark Zuckerburg’s 25% stake values the “Face Man” at USD 12.5 Billion + loose change…

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return on engagement

Return on Engagement

02.08.2011 in Social Media

A lot of folks are fully aware of the meaningfulness and importance of Social Media in promoting their brand and creating awareness for their products and Services. Facebook is valued at USD $50 Billion, Groupon rejected a Google buy-out offer at USD 6 Billion and…

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