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Those who dare to Dream

12.08.2013 in Gagets

All of those who achieved what was thought in their days, unrealistic were at one point inspired by the impossible. Watching Woz on “Jobs” – the unofficial biography, could see how most, if not all maverick-outliers, techno-savant-visionaries-dreamers were heavily inspired by Science-fiction. Most of what…

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Bacteria eats CO2, makes bio fuel

Bacteria directly uses CO2 to make fuel

07.08.2013 in BioTech, Renewable Energy

Clean, Green High Performance Biofuels: A Quantum leap in our efforts to address resource depletion & pollution. Bacterium Ralstonia eutropha from grown with carbon dioxide & hydrogen can generate significant quantities of diesel-range methyl ketones.   “Since our engineered strains of R. eutropha can use fixed carbon…

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