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Mobile Nirvana

19.07.2009 in Gagets

Hello Folks, its been a long long time since I wanted to first clean up my Blog, spend some decent time adding a new well overdue articles and finally talk about what I am passionate about … yes Technology! I had a breakthrough and realised…

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Banner Xchange

19.07.2009 in Analytics, Attribution, Display Advertising

Yahoo’s APEX … What could have been Yahoo’s shares was sitting at less than 40% lower than when Microsoft offered the Magic US $47.5 million. Out of that seemingly impossible situation came the APEX project – An open to all and for all Banner Exchange…

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19.07.2009 in Gagets

Symbian OS is an Open Source Mobile Operating System for phones like Nokia, Sony and a few other manufacturers while Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 that operates on HTC, Samsung and few other manufacturers is not Open Source.You need Windows 6 if you want Word, Xcel,…

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19.07.2009 in Display Advertising

A few Banner Metrics CPI – Cost per Impression is one of them and this means that the Banners you see displayed on your Webpage is however counted as an impression and the advertiser pays for it even though it is not something a viewer…

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iPhone Success

19.07.2009 in Gagets

What makes a Phone Cool? Looking at the iPhone phenomenon with Million of those devices sold, I could not help getting curious about some of the key reasons behind its runaway success. A big fan of gadgets, I have owned Nokia E Series and Blackberries…

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