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Artificial Intelligence – Human Emulation

16.02.2011 in AI

Many decades ago, I borrowed a book from Sydney University’s library written by Cryptanalyst Alan Turing. Mr turing worked on deciphering crypted (coded) messages that Germany would send its front line Army during the second world war at the time of Europe occupation. Much later, after the…

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Soon Mobile Perfection

15.02.2011 in Gagets

How would like a 8 Megapixel Duo Core Android 2.3 NFC mobile phone in your pocket. Soon we may not need a Laptop … just a mobile that docks into your screen & keyboard

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Facebook Phone

10.02.2011 in Mobile Marketing, Social Media

Facebook Mobile Phone is here. An opportunity too good to pass. http://ping.fm/U36bF How can you not seek more ways to engage with and monetise from an audience of 500 million plus users of which some half use their mobile device to access Facebook. Think of…

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Click Attribution Modeling

10.02.2011 in Attribution, Display Advertising, Search Marketing

Many of us in Marketing think about post-click, last-click and first-click attribution.  How can we credit the various marketing channels efforts from identifying the original click and ensuing re-visits that resulted in the Action or Sale. Here are my thoughts on this matter … http://danielyen.com/digital-thought-leadership-series/the-display-banner-chain-reaction/

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Monetising Social Networks

08.02.2011 in Social Media

A lot of folks are fully aware of the meaningfulness and importance of Social Media in promoting their brand and creating awareness for their products and Services.  Facebook is valued at USD $50 Billion, Groupon rejected a Google buy-out offer at USD 6 Billion and…

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