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Coupon Deals

04.03.2011 in Digital

Coupon Fever goes on with Microsoft partnering with the Dealmap aggregating service to offer deals into 14,000 cities in the US. That’s a lot of towns consolidating Offers from Groupon, LivingSocial & other Coupon portals http://ping.fm/l24QZ

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The Future of Mobile OS & Devices

03.03.2011 in Gagets

Nokia leads the way in Handset sales and the dominant Mobile Operating System is still Symbian according to Garner. I’m not one for splitting hairs so to speak but there are reasons for Sony and Nokia Symbian systems leading the way. Read it here http://wp.me/Pkxbj-85

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Whats Going On With The Future Of Mobile

03.03.2011 in Gagets

Sometime last month, I came across Google’s Vic Gundotra’s “Two turkeys do not make an Eagle”. Though I wanted to blog about it, the article sat in my folder for a while as I got busy traveling for work. It is still the kind of…

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Rise of the Machines

17.02.2011 in AI, Digital

Many decades ago, I borrowed a book from Sydney University’s library written by Cryptanalyst Alan Turing. Mr turing worked on deciphering crypted (coded) messages that Germany would send its front line Army during the second world war at the time of Europe occupation. Much later,…

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16.02.2011 in AI, Science

Curious as to how clever Machines are really getting? How close are they to mimicking human behaviour? Where did they start off, where are they now & what’s next? danielyen.com/artificial-intelligence/

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