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Leveraging Automation

06 Jan 2014, by Daniel Yen in Virtual Sales

It’s inevitable. As we create systems, software and various other machine assisted services to make our lives more comfortable… To help us make the best out of a limited time, we do need things like Apples iOS reminders which I find very helpful.

Here’s where Wikipedia resonates with: “Artificial intelligence is impacting on a variety of subfields and wider society. However literature regarding its application to the field of marketing appears to be scarce.” Whilst the genuises in the world of Big “Marketing” Data do their thing, ours is to focus on Digital Sales Assistance & Pitch Virtualization.


In the same spirit, I have been working for the last three years on developing the ideal artificial sales assistant. An artificial personality designed to help businesses remain open 24/7.

Designed to offer pitch perfect messages to introduce the product, expand upon the product features & highlight the key benefits of each product being offered by the business … IIVA has been created to do just that.

Unlike standard websites, a fully staffed online business needs to have some level of interactive assistance. Whilst we are still yet to get to that point where we have artificial personalities conversing with prospects and clients, the same sales and customer service methodology applies to the user expectations when they visit your website.

The sales methodology is as old as time itself: introduce the product, list the product features and highlight the product benefits. This is exactly what we are doing at this point!

Looking beyond the horizon, I foresee a time where more traditional websites as we know it; will undergo quantum leaps to bring us closer to a real life experience of shopping for information & products/services


Machine Personality

Machine Personality