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Guerilla Marketing

25 Jun 2014, by Daniel Yen in Display Advertising, Search Marketing

Guerilla Marketing is traditionally used by small businesses with limited resources, large businesses have adopted it as well.

There are literally lots of ways to correctly & ethically offer your product as an alternative to a prospect searching for your competitor’s brand. If you walk down the shopping streets or markets of the world, its often a case where shops selling shoes for example cluster together. Well, if you are to also open open a show shop, its best to be nearby instead of next to the place where for example gadgets are sold. That’s competitive positioning in the sprit of guerilla marketing.

Digital Guerilla Marketing

When it comes to Guerilla marketing itself, the same principles apply but instead of fashion street as in the example, its the top fold of search results for Search & a contextual display ad on a page where your product type or competitor is mentioned.

DSP, RTP, DMP & Guerilla Marketing

Display now made top of mind with the opening up of DSP’s in the mid 2000 followed by a proliferation of DMP’s is how impressions can be bought using your own rules or logic. With Real Time Bidding or RTB, any advertiser can choose where, when, how much & why the display ad will show.

More targeted Prospects

This is where if correctly used, Guerilla display can position your Brand right next to an article about your product type or that of your competitor’s. Check back in for videos on how to correctly set up your Guerilla Marketing Campaigns.