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Evolution of Money

01 Jul 2014, by Daniel Yen in Economics

We use it every day, it goes inside our wallet, we think about it, we dream about it and we sometimes even worry about it. Also it is the reason for war. People do the craziest things for money. There is no more controversial subject matter that money!

What is money anyway? The storage of value you might say. Value created from creating something that society bought. Create lots of value as stored in the  form of Money for yourself, right?

Well not always it seems. The US Fed has long ago exhausted its ability to keep its economy from falling right back where it should be. Lowering interest rates, increasing direct Government funding or stimulating it indirectly via a stimulus package does not work like it used to. Bills need to be paid, Americans want to maintain their lifestyle & increase it.  SUVs, The latest Fad, Gadgets & appliances need to be paid for.

So the Fed prints money to stimulate growth. A little stimulation is ok, a lot is an addiction. Economic stimulation has been going on for 30 years. Pretty much since the rise of Japan followed by the rise of China. The US in comparison does not actually create tangible value. It did however provide an environment for people like Marc, Sergei &, Larry & Mark, Thierry and many more to create the new digital economies that often dominates the finance headlines.

All of this paves the way for a more independent, demand generated global currency that folks can acquire, adopt & trade without fear of a devaluation of a FED bank who decides to print more of their currency. This is called the Bitcoin phenomenon with its hopes, promises & issues. Nevertheless, the issues we addressed above have not gone away.

Is the world ready for a truly independent currency? More questions come to mind such as regulation, hack proof protection of your asset & much more.

Meanwhile here is more information about Bitcoins for a site that I created for a friend & client ANXBTC anxbtc.digitalmarketingroi.com