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1 Computing Device to replace all the others

22.08.2013 in Gagets

I have written about my hopes for that all pervasive, multi-purpose computing device that is a phone, a tablet, a laptop & a desktop: All in one. Some attempts have been made in the past but never took off. Ubuntu Mobile Phone will work as…

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Those who dare to Dream

12.08.2013 in Gagets

All of those who achieved what was thought in their days, unrealistic were at one point inspired by the impossible. Watching Woz on “Jobs” – the unofficial biography, could see how most, if not all maverick-outliers, techno-savant-visionaries-dreamers were heavily inspired by Science-fiction. Most of what…

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Self Healing Polymers

30.04.2012 in Gagets

What amazes me is how sic-fi we are getting every day. Several patent have been recently bought by Apple. I believe the YouTube video I am about to share with you may soon be the new skin of your shiny iToy: iPhone or iPad or…

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