Daniel Yen | Bill Gates, The CEO urgently needed @ Microsoft?
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Bill Gates, The CEO urgently needed @ Microsoft?

11 Sep 2013, by Daniel Yen in Gagets

For a decades a devout Microsoft Office Proficient user, I found issues when it came to speed and simplicity of use. Particularly to pen down a few ideas on word … so I started to used Notepad but then it was not as elegant as using Google Docs. Gradually, also used Docs Spreadsheet instead of Xcel (which was slow & clunky) and now also Google presentation for speed & simplicity. It was really about speed and the ability to share that mattered. With drive sync, I could pick things up on my iPad or iPhone.

However, Microsoft Powerpoint is by far the best for the choice it provides and external plug-ins I can add to it as well … so although Google Presentation is slim and fast, its lacks the gadgets I need to make a powerful Point.

In my opinion, by the time office.microsoft.com became available, it was too late … I was vested & entrenched into Google and was a paid user of its Google Enterprise solutions. So if not for the slickness of my Airs & other Macs, it doesn’t even make sense for me to load Microsoft Office on my next Mac. In fact, if Google Chromebook was available in my region, I would likely to consider that for my next machine starting from $199. It also comes with 100G cloud storage.

microsoft live product pricing

Microsoft Product Pricing


Google completes its eco-system dominance by slowly but surely closing the software to hardware loop.

Constrast Office Online @ $80 per year & only 20G Skydrive cloud storage. At $199 divided by $80 means that in 3o months Google Chromebook would pay for itself and its productivity tools free in any case.

Is Bill Gates, The CEO urgently needed @ Microsoft? Shall the other “Messiah” return. Yes, I think so.

Microsoft still has a lot of cash & momentum with strategic assets like Skype & now Nokia to name a few. How it integrates those somewhat disparate assets requires a Maestro of Business with the influence of Bill Gates. I really think it comes down to strategically integrating its consumer business into a seamless continuum of offerings that works well and is slick, pervasive & fast.

One last note for on who was tempted on many occasions but never succumbed to a Windows Phone is that it is visually comforting & draws you in. With an integrated UX as mentioned above, I would give it a try as a second phone. Mobility is as we all know, the key!