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Guerilla Marketing

25.06.2014 in Display Advertising, Search Marketing

Guerilla Marketing is traditionally used by small businesses with limited resources, large businesses have adopted it as well. Competition There are literally lots of ways to correctly & ethically offer your product as an alternative to a prospect searching for your competitor’s brand. If you…

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Leveraging Automation

06.01.2014 in Virtual Sales

It’s inevitable. As we create systems, software and various other machine assisted services to make our lives more comfortable… To help us make the best out of a limited time, we do need things like Apples iOS reminders which I find very helpful. Here’s where…

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1 Computing Device to replace all the others

22.08.2013 in Gagets

I have written about my hopes for that all pervasive, multi-purpose computing device that is a phone, a tablet, a laptop & a desktop: All in one. Some attempts have been made in the past but never took off. Ubuntu Mobile Phone will work as…

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